Some legends are told 

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these photos of troye will always be my favourite i mean look at him aww

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glasses are so stupid. u wanted to lie on ur side??? fuck off. u wanted a hot drink???? u can’t see shit now bc ur glasses are fogged up. go out in the rain???? tough luck shithead. 

wanna wear a mask for a costume? nope. wanna be able to see your legs when you shave in the shower? nope.


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Selling 2 All Time Low Wembley Arena Tickets

Sorry for the spam guys. I know it’s kinda irritating to see these type of posts here.

Hi. I’m Amira and I’m selling my tickets cause I know probably there are people wanting to go for this show but it sold out.

I can’t go for it since

  1. My Friend backed out and pretends that it’s perfectly fine to not pay for the ticket i bought for her
  2. I have no one to go with
  3. I live in Asia and that show is in UK so I can’t go alone even if i wanted to
  4. I realise the flight ticket there would cost me an arm and a leg ($1.3k)
  5. The currency is like 2.5 times of what we have here so me saving up $5k would only be 1.9k pounds. I can’t survive for 2 weeks on that.
  6. I’m not earning much for my job so I’ll have to starve for 6 months in order to save at least $5k so I rather not risk being poor and alone in a country I’ve never been to just to watch a band I love for 3 hours or so.
  7. I’ve decided I’ll just go to Soundwave with another friend of mine, I’ll still see All Time Low live and that’s fine for me.
  8. I have a fear of flying and come to think of it, 16 hours+ worth of flight time is a really really scary thing for me and I don’t think I’m ready to fly that far.

I’m selling my 2 tickets. They’re S5! It’s pretty near the stage I guess, I’ve never been to an arena concert but it looks pretty near

I’m really willing to sell my tickets. I’m not going to sell it for more than it’s worth for.

Probably you’ll have to pay for it through paypal cause I don’t know where you’re from but probably you’ll be from UK and I live in Singapore and paypal is the safest I guess.

I promise I’m not here to scam people lol. I’m just a fan that wants to give other fans a chance at watching their favourite band live. 

Here’s the details for it

I haven’t received the tickets yet cause I’ve opted for electronic tickets but I promise I’ll send it to you once I receive it.

It’ll probably be sent late feb or early march, judging by this

Here’s the exchange rate now for me

when I bought the tickets they were like at 1 pound for 2.18 dollars. Thats a big difference so I’m kinda at a lost now but whatever cause I really want to sell my tickets off.

So just drop me an inbox on how much you’re willing to pay for 2 tickets or even 1 (: ((not too low please i’m still a student and I still have to pay for my fees and my life and basically everything))

You can drop me a tweet too! @hisguyfriday 

Thanks, do help me reblog this!

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A million reasons but I need a million more…

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